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The First Silesian University Computer Clobber Tournament

The First Silesian University Computer Clobber Tournament took place at the Institute of Computer Science in Sosnowiec, Poland, on June 22, 2011. Nine players registered for the tournament; their names, the names of their programs, and their results are given in table on the web-page. As can be seen from the table, it was an all-play-all tournament, where in a single schedule, each participant played every other participant five times. The participants of the tournament agreed upon the following conditions: the board size, ten by ten, the time for a single game, 180 seconds per side, and the games to be played automatically using a specially defined IP-based protocol on an Intel Core i5-2500, 3.2 GHz processor under the Windows 7 operating system with 4 GB RAM. The tournament rules and protocol specifications can be found on the web-page. The programs and MGameServer (ver. 0.4.1 on the GNU General Public License) can be downloaded from the web-page.

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